Programs & Activities - Young Woman/Man of the Year

Congratulations to our 2016 Young Woman of the year, Ms. Grace Atiyeh from Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish.  An incredible talent, she is the Cantor for the OLGC Church Contemporary Choir, a Vienna Idol winner in June 2013, and has been a judge at the competition since.  She is a fund raiser for the SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death by Epilepsy) Foundation research helping to raise more than $14,500.  She has actively participated in OLGC Junior High School Work Camp, Mission Camp, OLGC School Bible Camp, and Fundraiser for the No Kid Go Hungry Foundation.  A world traveler she has provided education to a Christian child in Lebanon as a Children’s Relief Fund Sponsor and to 3 more Christian children through the Educational Opportunities for Lebanon (EOL). 

Let's congratulate our 2016 Young Man of the Year, Mr. Christian B. Tabash, also a member of OLGC parish.  He has consistently held First Honor, the highest honor roll, since he started Gonzaga College HS in 2013.  He rows for the Gonzaga Varsity Crew Team, won the 2015 Scholastic Rowing Association of America Regatta, making his team the fastest scholastic eight-man boat in the United States.  He qualified to race in England in the 2015 Henley Royal Regatta reaching the Semi-Finals.  He broke the age 15-16 World Records on the ergometer (rowing machine) in the following categories: 5000 meters, 6000 meters, and 30 minutes, and continues to hold the 30 minute World and USA record.  Also a world traveler, he served as an Altar Server at Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church in Amman, Jordan.

We are so very proud to have these truly outstanding young people represent our Council in the Virginia State Young Woman/Man of the Year competitions for 2016.