Nominate For An Award

FAMILY OF THE MONTH - The Family of the Month program recognizes families at our parishes in Vienna, Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Mark, who serve their communities, models Christian family values, and visibly lives them every day.  Every March, the Council chooses a family of the year based on the 12 families of the month awardees.  Nominations for our program can be submitted via this form. 

KNIGHT OF THE YEAR - Recognize a Knight who have served virtuously throughout the year and have modeled themselves as Catholic gentlemen. Our Knights are constantly serving our parish and our community. However, does a particular Knight stand out? Consider a Knight that has a robust prayer-life that goes beyond weekly mass attendance. Or, think about a Knight made significant contributions to the parish and church community or the local community.

YOUNG MAN/YOUNG WOMAN OF THE YEAR - Recognize our youth who exemplify the values of our community and the Catholic Church. We look for outstanding youth who have made positive contributions to family life, community life, or parish life. Students in 9th through 12th grades are eligible, no matter where they go to school. We will consider academic achievements, sports and extracurricular activities, civic and religious activities, and family support activities.